One Slide Layer Not Responding Like the Others

Mar 16, 2015

I have gotten a little stuck while revising a module, and wondered if the community could help.  Maybe there is something small I am missing.

Inspired by a sample project shared here, I have built this slide so that each image glows when a mouse hovers over it.  For some reason, I cannot get the Fruit Bat image to show the glow effect I have on the slide layer.  It works for all other layers. 

Besides checking my animations, checking my timeline and using the Format Painter, I have also restarted the project, rebuilt the layer and deleted the old one, and even restarted my computer.

I have attached the slide for review if anyone has any thoughts or can see something I can't see.  Thanks in advance.

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Sarah Greywitt

That's funny.  Not only is there no attachment, there is no reply that I submitted to my own post. 

Wendy, I fixed the issue.  The problem was that the image on the layer was on a time delay, so I set it back to zero and it worked.  I think the problem was that I copied the image from the base layer, and the base layer needed to have a time delay.  But when the layer also had one, the glow feature did not show up.

Thank you for your interest in helping.  Next time I am sure I will need it.

Sarah Greywitt

I was definitely in the forum and not trying to attach through email.  I clicked "add attachment" below and saw that it was indeed attached.  But I walked away from my computer for about 30 minutes after attaching and before posting, which could have been the issue. 

I will blame the computer; it has been showing signs of age today.  Thanks again!

Sarah Greywitt

Hi Ashley:
I am using Firefox.  I don't usually have issues posting or having attachments work on the forum.  I honestly think it was my computer, because it froze up a little after I posted and I had to do a restart.  Plus, I attached the file and wrote most of the message, walked away for 30 minutes or so, and then posted. 

The computer is old and acts finicky sometimes.  Thanks for checking in about it.

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