Opening a pdf at a given page from a button in Storyline

Aug 06, 2021


I've seen a couple of threads here from a few years ago but they didn't seem to answer my question. I have a button in my course that opens a pdf file and that works fine but I would like to be able to direct the learner to a specific page in the pdf at different points in the course.

I have tried adding #page= to the link but then the link fails. Is there a way of doing this? I'm not afraid of a bit of Javascript if that's what it takes.

Addendum: having posted this I looked at the "related topics" and a thread there indicates the #page= method should work - I will try again - any tips?

Addendum 2: I feel a bit stupid now - I tried again and it worked fine - not sure what I did wrong first time - please ignore this post. I will leave it here for anyone else who, like me, is also a bit slow on the uptake :)

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