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Jul 18, 2014

Hi there

I'm (very) new to Storyline and need a bit of help with something.

I had some content developed by a guy on oDesk some time ago and would like to upload it to my trial version of Articulate Online.

But, the content that I received from the contractor is not recognized by Storyline and as such I cannot do anything with it. It's pretty clear that it was produced in Storyline and I can actually click a story file and play the content in a browser, but not in Articulate.

I am unable to locate the guy who produced it, so I now have a resource that can't be used.

To make things worse, I'd really like to test it on the LMS but since it's not recognized, I can't do that.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be eternally grateful.



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Phil,

Is the "content" in zip format (containing files such as story.html) or is it in .story format?

If it's the former, can you post a screenshot of the directory structure inside the zip file (or folder)? That's the easiest way we can identify for which output the content has been published.

To publish for a different format than the one you already have, you would have to have the source file (*.story) available.

Hope this helps,

Phil Kendrick

Hi Alex

Thanks so much for helping out. I do appreciate it.

I have taken a screenshot of the folders and the files contained in them. Take a look.Are they the source files?

Actually, you will see that they are on a Mac. I'm not sure if this is important, but when I view the same files on my PC (as this is where I have Storyline) they have no file extensions. In any case, they have no *.story extension wherever i view them. Not sure what this means.

Thanks again, Alex.


Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Phil,

These are not the source file. These files are published for Web Distribution. A course or module authored/developed in Storyline can be published/distributed in the following five ways:

  1. Web (This is what you have)
  2. Articulate online
  3. LMS
  4. CD
  5. Word

As you have the web one, you won't be able to open in Storyline or upload it to the LMS.

Search for the *.story files if you have access to the computer which was used for authoring this course.

I hope this helps.


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