How can I open a link within a Storyline or Rise (i)frame (rather than a new page)?

Hi everyone,

I'd like to add a poll to my e-learning and upon submitting, show the learner how others have answered the poll as well.

Whenever I embed this poll into Rise through an iframe or in Storyline through a web object, for some reason, when the learner clicks 'submit', a new page opens, rather than showing the result within the page. 

Instead, I'd like to simply contain any future links to open within the iframe or web object itself rather than directing learners outside of the page. How can I do that in either Rise (preferably Rise as it's easier) or Storyline?

Here you can see an example of the webobject I created in Storyline by the way. When clicking submit, you're supposed to see the result within the page, but instead it seems to open as a pop-up (I did select display in slide, by the way).

Thank you!

PS: By the way, this is the original poll and it does open normally within the page, so regardless, I find it a bit odd that it acts differently within Rise/Storyline:

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The problem is being caused by a URL change. The form and the results do not share the same URL, therefor they each need their own iframe.  You can handle this in Rise doing something like this: Form with Results | Review 360 (

Also note, in the example abover, I had trouble getting the results to display by just pasting the URL to the results page.  Once I manually added the iframe html tags, it worked flawlessly. IDK why this sometimes happens in Rise but whenever it does, pull out your html skills! 

<iframe src=""></iframe>