"Or" condition for trigger

Jan 14, 2021

I know SL 360 has the "if" condition for managing triggers. I have a slide with a multiple selection interaction. There are no correct/incorrect answers because the learner is selecting how they might apply something they learned from the options presented.

I want prevent the learner from just clicking submit without engaging with this interaction. So I turned off 'Submit' in the player and added a 'Continue' button that is only enabled if the learner selects at least one of the option. Clicking that button takes them to feedback.

So I'm looking for something like this:

Slide Trigger: Change the state of 'Continue' to Disabled when timeline starts on this slide

Object Triggers

Change the state of 'Continue' to normal

When the user clicks Checkbox 1 or Checkbox2 or checkbox 3

Can this be done?

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