OR trigger condition not an initial option

Dec 20, 2013

Can someone please explain the rationale for requiring the first additional condition on a trigger to be an AND condition? By default triggers include one condition with the When and Object fields, so I feel like I should be able to add an OR condition for my second one. (See how the option for AND/OR is grayed out in the photo below?)

I run into this all the time, and I either have to create two separate triggers or I have to create a fake AND condition that will always be true (like the timeline for the whole slide has started) before I can add an OR condition. Am I missing something?

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Robert Lengacher

Thanks, Phil.

I guess my question wasn't articulated very well because now I believe I'm really asking about multiple triggers instead of conditions. I think I really want to be able to add additional triggers in the Edit Trigger dialogue. Take this simple hypothetical for example: 

Desired action: Play media if the user clicks this object OR clicks that object.

The way I currently handle this is with the following options:

  • Great a group from the two objects and build the trigger based on the group.
  • Create two separate triggers (one for clicking object 1 and one for clicking object 2)

I'm spending way more time asking about this than it actually takes to build what I want, but I'm always looking for ways to speed up work in the future. So my question is: Are the two options I just listed the best way to handle my hypothetical or is there a better way that I'm missing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing more information about how you'd like to set up your slide. The two ways you described are the only ways to set this up (at least in terms of built in functionality). I'd like go with your first option, assuming there aren't other triggers you need to assign to the individual objects within the group, as this would prevent a user from clicking on each individual item and playing the audio twice. 

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