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Brett Rockwood

Having this option would be so useful. Almost all of the design programs I use work this way (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) or let you adjust where the zero point to each ruler is. When trying to design something using a proper grid it's really hard (for me) to work with positive numbers on one side and negative on the other.

In my experience most graphic designers put the zero point at the top left of the screen and everything measures out and down from there. This makes it simpler to measure distances, for example you have a 100 pixel box and you want to place another one 500 pixels to the right. It's easy when the zero point is at the top left: your first box is at 0 and your second box is at 600. This works fine if you don't have to cross the middle point. but if your screen is 720 pixels wide you have to do the math to figure out where the zero point is and then do more math to figure out where the final position should be. 720 divided by 2 = 360 (center of the screen) then 600 -360 = 240 so that is where you need to place your object on the right side of the screen. It's a lot easier to just know the left side is zero and then plot out your distance from there.