Pass variable from SL project to another SL project

Dec 17, 2013

How do I pass a variable from a SL project to another SL project? In other words, let's say that I have a variable called "color" in a SL project I named "project1" and I assign the variable color to be 0, that is color=0. In project1, let's say that I create a button with a trigger that when the user presses the button it changes the value of color to 1, that is color=1. Now, let's say that I have another SL project called "project2" and that I want to pass the variable color to Project2 with the value 1, not 0 since the user has already pressed the button in project1 so that color=1 not color=0. I start with project1 and go to project2 by creating a button with a trigger to jump to URL/file. 

I found the following site here that gives me some ideas, but I'm not sure how to do what I am describing. I presume that I could possible execute some javascript code in project2 to bring in the variable color from project1 with the value 1, but I am not sure. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. 

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Dallin Stephens


Thanks for the response. The thread at least gave me some ideas. I messed around with the code from the thread:

var query =; //verify syntax is accurate for what you want to do; I didn't but it should be close

var slPlayer = GetPlayer(); //reference to SL player

var myStorylineVar = query;

slPlayer.SetVar("theNameOfYourStorylineDefinedVarHere", myStorylineVar );

Let's say that I have a url address for my SL project named https://www.mySLproject/story.html. I noticed that if I inserted my name "Dallin" after my url like this https://www.mySLproject/story.html?Dallin and created a variable called theNameOfYourStorylineDefinedVarHere and then executed the Javascript code above in my SL project %theNameOfYourStorylineDefinedVarHere% returned  Dallin.

However, I don't know how to retrieve a variable from a different SL project using an url.

For example, although this doesn't make sense I think it gets across the point:


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