Passing Quiz question data to an LMS for review.

Aug 12, 2015

I am working with a client that is new to eLearning. She wants to have a quiz that is partially graded in Storyline and partially graded by someone (unidentified at this point) at the clients' company. The LMS is Cornerstone. My question is this: Is this even possible? Can Storyline pass the individual answers to questions to the LMS for human review? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Randall - Thanks for your question, and please review this information on Quiz Data Sent to an LMS in Articulate Storyline. To the best of my knowledge, the student_response would be their individual answers, and as far as how they would be graded by an outside source, that would be for your client to determine.  Hope that helps, and perhaps others in the community can share their thoughts or ideas, as well. 

Randall Sauchuck

I spoke with the client's boss and he agreed that this was (far) outside the scope of this project. I don't think the client had thought through the overhead this would entail. Like who is going to actually review these hundreds (or thousands!) of responses and then update all the learners LMS grades? Somewhere out there, a Cornerstone admin owes me a drink :)

Thanks for the replies though

david mckisick

Hey all. Something similar to this came up for us a while ago and we did not find a good solution. What we would like to do is find a way to create metrics from a test group, such as "x% scored between 90-100%" being one metric, while another would be "Of those who missed question XX, x% marked A, x% marked B, and x% marked C", and so on.. Is there a way to set this up in a Storyline course?

Randall Sauchuck

Hi David, This would definitely be something to build on the LMS side of the equation since Storyline courses only have access to one user's data. Look at  the link Christie posted above. Storyline does send the selected  responses to the LMS ( if it uses SCORM and TinCan anyway).

I am not sure what amount of detail there is in this data (whether it contains the full text string of a MC answer, for instance.)

After that it would depend on the abilities of the individual LMS what it could do with the data.


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