Passing URL Parameters (using ServerVariables) into Storyline

I hope someone can help me with this. I'm trying to pass some URL parameters in Storyline. Which i got successfully working using this method:

But now, using that same method, i want to pull server variables by using the g_strFlashVars method using ASP (story.asp)

var g_strContentFolder = "story_content";
var g_bProjector = false;
var g_strSwfFile = "story.swf";
var g_nWidth = 980;
var g_nHeight = 658;
var g_strScale = "noscale"; // noscale | show all
var g_strBrowserSize = "default"; // default, fullscreen, optimal
var g_strBgColor = "#FFFFFF";
var g_strAlign = "middle";
var g_strQuality = "best";
var g_bCaptureRC = false;
var g_strFlashVars = "employeeID=12345";
var g_bScrollbars = true;
var g_strWMode = "window";

I have read about the use of FlashVars and usually would work something like this: (if using ASP)

var g_strFlashVars = "employeeID=<%=Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_EMPLOYEEID")>";

But I'm not sure, if what i have read about FlashVars works the same way in storyline? Does anyone have any ideas or how storyline uses FlashVars?


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Andro Nacu

Thanks Brian. Just realized i didn't ask the right question. So, let's step back and disregard the ASP part.

On the story.html file, you have the following variable, by default it's empty.

var g_strFlashVars = "";

but i wanted to add a value to it, like this.

var g_strFlashVars = "userID=1234";

now in SL, what is the correct Javascript to call or pass the value of the FlashVars into a SL variable? I hope this makes sense.