Passing variable to LMS from Results slide

Nov 07, 2019

Hi everyone,

My client is asking if I can add two text input boxes to the final quiz results slide. Basically, the user gets the results from the results slide, and a first and last name box appear. The user has to enter their name and then a "exit" button appears which the user clicks it and the information is submitted to the LMS and the page closes. 

I have never had to do this before, so I am not sure how to get the input to the LMS. I assume I would have to create a variable for each text box, but don't know how to pass it to their LMS.

Any pointers would be great.


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Jen Wicking

Hi Shawna,

Do you know why they want the First and Last Name boxes and what LMS they are using?

LMS's generally can only process basic information such as % score (from a quiz / results slide) or passed / incomplete (slide count viewed) if the package is being uploaded as SCORM.

If the client is using the results slide as a certificate of sorts, then I could understand why they want the user to type in their name, however I don't believe you can pass that information back to the LMS. Their LMS should have a native certificate activity which can read the score passed through from the SCORM, and will print with the users details already on it. This may alleviate the need for you to create these text fields.

You could also design your package to have a welcome screen at the start where they type their name, which is then used throughout the package and is prefilled on the results slide.  

I would suggest finding out from your client exactly what and why they want it, as I don't believe you can send name details into the LMS from SCORM / SL360. 

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