Pause and resume individual slides of a screen recording

Dec 09, 2015

I have recorded several screenrecordings and inserted them as step-by-step slides in my Storyline file.

When a user is looking at a screenrecording I want them to be able to pause the recording, when they are distracted or want to get a better view of a particular slide.

To do this, I've created a pause button on my master slide. On a different layer there's a Play button. When the user clicks the pause button, there are two triggers:
1. layer with play-button is shown
2. the variable Pause is set to the value True.

When the user clicks the play button, there are again two triggers:
1. layer with play-button is hidden
2. the variable Pause is set to the value False.

On the slides themselves I've created two triggers:

1. Pause timeline on This Slide
   When Pause changes
   If Pauze is equal to true

2. Resume timeline on This slide
   When Pause changes
   If Pause is equal to False

Unfortunately this does not seem to work. The timeline does not pause when clicking the pause-button. Does anyone know why it does not work and has a better solution for my problem?

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Marlou van Dijck

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your quick reply. I've made the project a bit smaller and saved it as Test-pause-resume.story, so that you can have a better look at it. I shared it as an attachment.

I'm glad I was taking the right steps so far. I must have overlooked something.

Thank you very much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks again Marlou for sharing the files. Since you're showing the layer, just a few pieces missing. First double check the trigger order, as you'll want to set the variable before the layer is shown or else the variable will never get set, and you'll also want to look at the slide layer properties to ensure that's set to pause the timeline of the base layer. So a few different changes or ways to do this. Take a look at my updated copy - and I only made changes to the first slide, slide 1.1. 

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