Pause is triggering before cue point

Aug 28, 2023

In articulate Storyline, I have a video that plays in the base layer of the slide. I have  another layer in the slide for controls with play and pause button, which plays and pauses the timeline on the base layer of the slide. I have also set a trigger for the base layer to pause when it reaches a cue point. This layer with the controls is set to be visible when the timeline starts on the base layer through a trigger. I am facing an issue. Whenever I pause the timeline using the pause button for a few seconds and then play, the trigger that I have set to pause the timeline on the base layer when it reaches the cue point, actually triggers the pause function a few seconds before the cue point is reached. How can this be sorted out?

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Garth Yorko

It sounds like you are pausing the media rather than the base layer timeline. Attached is my example. There are blue rectangles to help count off the seconds. The Base Timeline will pause when it reaches 6 seconds.  Click the pause button any time before that to see how the base timeline paused. Then click the play button to resume.

I used a transparent shape to prevent the learner from clicking on the video, which pauses it. You can also use the layer properties to restrict the learner from clicking on objects on the base layer.

See attached.