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Mar 27, 2014

Hi all,

I have build a training for a client and I found a bug I don't know how to solve.

I wanted to create a slider effect so this is what I did:

on the first slide I've inserted an image and text with a button to move to the next slide, to make a nice exit animation only when the user click the button. to pause the time line before the exit animation starts I've inserted a shape that triggers a layer with "pause the timeline" - so once the user clicks the button the trigger is "hide layer" so the timeline continues and at the end of the time line I trigger to jump to the next slide.

now what is my bug? - this works great, but when I revisit the slide at the third time (second time it works fine) the layer with the "pause" trigger doesn't show and my objects fly out before I click the button and I'm left with an empty slide.

I don't want to use slide transition because I want only the main content to slide.

thanks a lot hoping I was clear... 


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Mohd Al Kurdi

Hi Michelle

I hope I was able to understand correctly, but something to check initially whether your slide has the options to "Reset to initial state" and "controlled by user" are both checked? You may have already done that but thought of checking as the slide could be reverting to its saved state and the layer won't show

Kind Regards,

Mohd Ayman

iLearn Middle East

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