Pause Timeline When Entrance Animation Completes (Not Working)

Jan 04, 2019

Hi Heroes,

I've created a super-simple, one-slide demo of the problem I'm having in Storyline 360 with the "pause timeline" trigger.

I have two stock images of cars on my slide, each with a "fly in" entrance animation and a "fly out" exit animation:

Cars fly in from opposite sides of the screen, then fly out off the bottom edge.

I have a trigger set to "pause timeline" when the entrance animation on "Car_02" (which is the red one on the right) completes:

Trigger panel Specific Trigger

This is my timeline:


And here's the Animations ribbon for the animations on Car_02:

Animations ribbon

Since the entrance animation takes 0.75 seconds, I expect my timeline to pause at that point. But instead, the timeline marches right along and both cars "fly out" as soon as they've flown in. I want the learner to have to click Next to make them fly out.

I've attached the story file. My question: Why isn't my timeline pausing at 0.75 seconds?



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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi Ray,

I'm not sure why the trigger doesn't work because it logically sounds and looks correct when I viewed your project. I experimented with different type of trigger and set it up so that it pauses the timeline when it reaches 0.75 seconds instead of depending on whether Car_02 entrance animation completed and it works. 

This is how the trigger looks like.

Pause Timeline

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Ray!  The Car_02 pic has a duration of 1.5 seconds.  At the .75 second mark, the entrance animation completes, but the exit animation has simultaneously begun.  You can either extend the duration of the image by .25 seconds, or shorten the exit animation duration to .50 seconds so the two animations don't happen back to back.

I hope that helps!

Ray Cole

Hi Crystal,

You solution does seem to work: when I extend the duration of the car images on the timeline by 0.25 seconds, the pause takes effect as expected.

But the explanation for why it doesn't work with the entrance and exit animations back-to-back doesn't make sense to me. When I use the "when animation completes" trigger, it asks me which of the animations associated with the object is the animation it should track. In other words, it's only looking at the entrance animation; the exit animation should be irrelevant to the behavior of this trigger.

I suppose it could take a fraction of a second to execute the trigger, during which time the exit animation might begin. But it clearly takes less than or equal to 0.25 seconds (since adding 0.25 seconds allows the trigger to execute correctly), and the exit animation is 0.75 seconds long, so at worst, I would expect the timeline to pause when the exit animation is less than or equal to 0.25 seconds into its duration. But that's  not what happens. Instead, the pause never triggers at all. 

This seems like a bug to me. Does that make sense?

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Ray!  It does make sense.  If you add another object to the slide at just over 1 second in, you can see it appear because the timeline doesn't pause.  It seems as though because the animation is continuous, from entrance to exit, that the trigger can't fire.  I understand that it isn't logical since we're specifying the entrance animation.  Our team is looking into it, though, and I'll let you know if there are any changes!

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