Paused video goes blank

Apr 28, 2021

My course is video-based and we are running into an issue when the learner pauses the video for a few minutes.

The screen goes blank and the learner cannot make the video reappear. Going to the previous slide and letting it advance, it skips over the slide altogether.

The only solution I have found is to close the elearning and relaunch, selecting Restart, rather than Resume.

Is there something wrong with my design? We are delivering the course on Cornerstone. I don't know if that makes any difference. I think Articulate Online has the same behavior.

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David Schwartz

Hi Alison,

Hard to know exactly, but is the slide set to resume state on return? That might explain why it will not replay. You should probably set that slide to reset to initial state when revisiting.

Because you are not using the player controls, only the video controls, I suspect that the timeline on the slide is not being paused when the video pauses.

Dwayne Schamp

If it's just a video, have you tried using a web object to play the video? i've attached a short index.html file that does this. Put the index.html file, along with the video, in a separate folder, then use Insert-> web object, navigate to the folder, then hit okay. You can find help with the video settings here:

Using this method, you can even use a video as a drag/drop interaction :)