Pausing video doesn't pause timeline

Hi everybody!

I'm stuck with a little problem my tester found.

I've placed many videos in different slides with automatical advancing. The tester discovered that if you pause the video by clicking on it, the video pauses while the timeline keeps going on.

So, what happens?

As the timeline is set in order to have the same duration of the video, if you pause the video to take some notes, the story goes on...

Any idea?

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Mauro Gaiotto

I've managed to solve the problem by creating an invisible object on the video. Once it's clicked, a transparent layer that pause the timeline opens. Then I created another invisible rectangle in the layer that close the layer itself.

So, in order to pause the timeline you can:

- use a layer with the "pause the timeline" option

- insert the seekbar


Steve McAneney

Hi Mauro. I haven't experienced your problem because I usually disable the player controls for videos, and let the user operate the timeline controls to pause etc. 

Your solution has been discussed before, and according to the below thread, improvements are under consideration. Good to hear you found a way through this.