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Peter Anderson

Hi CurlyQT!

Can't recall seeing anyone do this directly into Storyline, but the method I'm most familiar with involves using Articulate Online in combination with its API. Check out topic #1 here, and see if that might work for you.

Keep in mind you can take Articulate Online for a test drive, free for 30 days!

Kevin Croteau

could i possibly go to your site to see "how" it works?  What happens after the person pays:
1. are they sent an access code2. are they only able to view a limited # of times or do they have a set time period ex. 7 days3. did you have to use a learning management system
on a side note, did you create your own learning tutorials or pay a consultant or firm.
i have one on the homepate of my website krcdemandplanning if you care to look and provide feedback if you think it is professional?
all your help is greatly appreciated.
thank you.