PDF link not opening when entire scene or project is published

I'm working on a "choose your own adventure" type project, where the learner clicks a dialogue option and that takes them to the next screen. I set a trigger on one of these slides so that a PDF should open when the learner clicks on the dialogue option, in addition to the slides advancing to the next screen. The PDF opens as it's supposed to when I just publish just that slide, but when I publish the entire scene or project, the slides advance but the PDF doesn't open. The dual triggers work elsewhere in the project where I have learners click on a PDF icon instead of a dialogue bubble.

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not able to open your story right now, so I don't know what the problem really is, but if this is the problem it would act as you describe.

Check the order of those two triggers. If the slide advance happens first, the pdf won't open when all the slides are active, because advancing will stop the execution of any other triggers. However, it will work if you preview only that slide. Since there is no other slide, it will continue to execute the trigger list, and will open the pdf.