Permit skip with 'safety net'

Dear Articulate staff and fellow Storyline users,

My client's candidates should be able to skip questions if they're in doubt. But in the end, they have to answer every question. They could check for themselves whether they did, but I'd rather build in an automatic safety net.

I've come up with this solution:

  • Question navigation: Next / Previous
  • After the last question the candidate presses a custom Submit button that triggers:
    • Set [variable] Submitted equal to True
    • Jump to Question 1
  • Back at Question 1:
    • Submit interaction Multiple Choice
      When the timeline starts
      If Submitted is equal to True
    • Jump to next slide
      When the timeline starts
      If Submitted is equal to True
    • >> Storyline continious automatically untill the end of the test only to pause at unanswered questions.
  • When reaching an unanswerd question:

    • Prompt 'You must answer this question'

    • Candidate answers and presses Next


This works in preview mode and Flash stand-alone, but jams in browsers, both the Flash and html5 output. I's really like it to work because is combines flexibility with safety. Any ideas on why it jams? Of does anyone have another idea that might work? Thank you!


I've attatched the Storyline 360 file and output zip.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Freek! Thanks for sharing your proejct with us – happy to lend a hand ☺️

Can you tell me a little more about what you mean by "jams in browsers"? 

I tested your project in Preview mode as well as both HTML5 and Flash outputs. Here's a link to the HTML5 output and here's one for Flash. I saw the same behavior in all environments on the latest version of Chrome – here's a Peek! Essentially, I can skip all 3 questions without answering them and click submit.

In the meantime, I wanted to share these handy tutorials on confirming that learners are ready to submit their answers and submitting answers all at once.

I hope that helps, and I'll be standing by!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Victor,

Great question! 

The same workflows can be applied to a Storyline 3 course. We have similar tutorials on creating these setups, and I wanted to share those help guides with you here:

Please let us know if you have any questions about this!