Pick Many problems

Jul 08, 2013

Hellou all, 

I have one problems. I use question type Pick Many and I have own sumbit buttom. But when I click on it, it doesnt evaluate, but it jumps on the next slide. It does it in all of slides with this type ( Pick many). 

Do you know please, where the problem could be??? 

thanks a lot

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Antony Snow

Hi Jane,

When you insert a slide such as Pick Many, SL automatically includes the default 'submit' button of the player and assigns the trigger to submit the interaction when a user clicks on it. As you are using your own submit button, you will need to update this trigger so it refers to your button and not the default button.

If you have already done this, could you post a .story file of one of your slides so we can take a closer look?


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