pick many question/problem with a variable

Nov 29, 2017

I have attached a file that I am working on. It has 2 pages of survey type questions. The total worth on each screen is 30. You should only be able to pick one item from each row. The problem I am having is if I pick one of the answers and then change my mind, it still adds that value to my variable. Each click on an option is worth a certain value that is figured into a variable. I tried having a submit button but I can never get past it because it tells me I have to complete the question even though you pick one item from each row. Then I tried having each option only count if the button is in a certain state. Still that is not working, I have tried down and selected.    It scores correctly if you don't change your mind in your selections, but if you change your mind it is counting that mis selection in the total.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Leisa

Take a look at your updated file - I added in the first slide and duplicated your question objects on a Pick One.  I have added two buttons off stage Correct and Incorrect which are used in the form view to 'answer the question'.  I've also used 6 offstage ovals to control when a radio button selection is made in group 1, 2,3,4,5,6.  I've added the submit button to submit the interaction (even though you don't need it graded it doesn't matter) and I added the Next button so they could move on - you can remove the Next button and just have it move to the next slide when they click Submit. There is also a text box reference for Flexibility so you can  see when submit is clicked how much has been added to that variable.

Hope this helps.

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