Pictures "shortening" on publish

Oct 05, 2017

I am revising a course that was originally created by someone else in Storyline 2.  I am using Storyline 3.  There were many pictures that "shortened" when I published the module.  Originally, I thought that it was because they had been heavily cropped and distorted and I thought some of them could have been lost is the upgrade to Storyline 3.  So I had been resetting the photos, and minimally cropping and distorting the photos (which in some cases was just as much as they had been to fit the "style" of the module.)  This worked, but now I've come upon a picture that hadn't been cropped or distorted at all.  Why would Storyline 3 shorten it? And I'm actually not sure how to fix this one since I have been resetting and re-modifying the others.

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Alison Coops

Update: This picture is also cropped and distorted.  He had it grouped with a rectangle, so when I looked at the group, it wasn't cropped or distorted.  So I should be able to fix this the same way I've been fixing the others.  It's still annoying that the modifications didn't come across well from Storyline 2 to 3.

Alison Coops

Here are a few slides from the Storyline 2 file.  When published, the pictures go from top to bottom, just like they look in Storyline.  Then I opened it in Storyline 3 answering yes to upgrade.  I did not change the story size.  On the Storyline 3 slides, the pictures look fine, but when I published, there was a white gap at the bottom of the pictures.

Alison Coops

I just tried it with this sample, and it published fine after upgrade, so there are obviously other factors involved. The Storyline 3 file is 88,401 kb. It has 10 scenes and 1 question bank, with up to 25 slides in each scene.  As you can see many of the slides have multiple pictures. and most of the pictures and heavily cropped and distorted.  I'm not even sure the problem happened the first time I published in Storyline 3.  It may have happened later.

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