Pin Dial Glitch


I'm experiencing a problem with dials in Storyline 360. Whenever I set a needle-pin style dial so that it's default position is not due north, it glitches out whenever I turn the needle in Preview Mode or in Review 360. See the screenshot below for an example - both dials are identical, except the one on the right has been set so that by default, it points to the bottom of the slide. As you can see, the needle doesn't entirely refresh whenever it is rotated, so it leaves behind "ghost needles." Does anybody else have this issue? Any ideas how to overcome it?

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Sam Hill

Hi Bryant, I would recommend opening a case for this. I saw another user has had issues with a dial in that it would skip a step if the initial step was not due north. It was overcome by setting it due north, but then overriding with a timeline start event. It could be related and could be useful for the developers to see your case too.

Katie Riggio

Hi Bryant,

Thanks for sharing your file with our Support team for a closer look! For those who land on this discussion:

  • Issue: We found that an extra dial pointer appears upon moving when flipping the dial upside down.
  • Workaround: You can avoid this bug by not flipping the dial, if possible.

I'm sorry for the trouble, and will keep you updated on any changes on all fronts!