Piping an LMS variable to a Storyline course

Sep 02, 2014

I've found a lot of information about working with variables and variable references, but haven't found what I'm looking for. I'd like to know if it's possible using SCORM, to send information from LMS to a slide within a course. For example I want to be able to pass First and Last Name and Course Name so that I'm able to dynamically pipe references into a sentence that says "I, %FirstName% %LastName%, confirm that I have read and understand %CourseName%...." We want to be able to create sort of an e-signature where employees can confirm that they have read a policy or have been trained on something. We don't want the user to enter their name or the course name, which I know you can easily do. I'm assuming since SCORM is communicating variables back and forth that this might be possible. Has anyone tried something like this before?



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