Placing a stamp

Feb 24, 2016

Again, very new at this...I am trying to make it look like I am placing a stamp in my course...

I have an image of a stamp and an image of the stamp impression.

I am trying to make it look like the stamp makes the impression (with no clicks from the user)

As soon as the slide hits, I want it to place the stamp then make the impression.  Any help on the trigger points for this?


Thank you Kindly.


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Phil Mayor

Could you have a hand hold holding a stamp fly in (entrance animation) and then drop a couple of pixels (motion path set to run when the fly in animation complete).  Change the stamp image from hidden to normal when the motion path animation completes. Then change the Stamp to hidden (possibly using a fly out exit animation0 when the motion path completes.

Phil Mayor

OK no problem we all started somewhere

You need two images (hand holding stamp and the stamp)

Add the stamp to the slide, click on it and choose the states tab (at the bottom of the screen) and set the initial state (from the dropdown) to hidden.

Add the hand holding the stamp to the page and size it and overlay the stamp image so it covers it. Now on the animations tab add an entrance animation (fly in would look good from the right or left).

Now add a motion path from the animations tab choose a line that goes down and shorten the path so it is really only moving a few pixels.

On the trigger pane on the right you will see a trigger for the motion path (should start with "move') double click this and change the when to "When animation completes" and choose the entrance animation.

Click on the hand and add a new trigger (from insert menu or the trigger pane) the trigger will be Change state of Stamp to Normal when animation completes and this time choose the motion path.

Finally click on the stamp and add a trigger to change the state of the hand to hidden when state of Stamp is normal, you can add an additional exit animation to the stamp if you want.

This should help, if not if you can post the two images I can do it for you.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Caryn -- A bit of time has passed since Phil's last activity here in the thread, so if you would like to reach out to him directly, perhaps you will have better luck connecting via the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page. Also, you would be welcome to upload your file here and perhaps others will have some additional insights to share. 

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