Play Audio in 360 Image Label Automatically

Jan 17, 2023

There's an issue where in guided tour within a 360 image, a close layer trigger doesn't always work reliably. For example, if marker 5 should open layer 1,  then I would put close layer 1 triggers on markers 4 and 6. However, if you navigate to marker 5, navigate away from the scene using the sidebar menu, and then navigate back to the scene, when you move to markers 4 or 6, layer 1 stays open erroneously. 

This makes using layers to automatically play audio (which should be complementary to the text labels) unreliable. 

Would it be possible instead to have a toggle or trigger to automatically play audio that's inserted into the label (audio that appears as a media widget at the bottom of the label)? I can't find anything that would do this.


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