Play, stop and pause actions on video inserted from website

Dec 07, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way to apply the Media actions of Play, Stop and Pause to videos inserted from a website, including those played from YouTube? These actions work fine with videos inserted from a file but have no effect on videos from a website.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rahul. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Are you inserting the YouTube videos as web objects? If you are, then you'll have a little more control over the controls of the video. Take a took at this article. I think the options for "controls" will help with what you're trying to accomplish. "0" will hide the player control bar and "1" will display it - by default, the player will show in a web object.

Let me know how it turns out!



Rahul Paul

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your welcome and quick reply.

I am trying to implement a Pause button in my course and am able to pause the base layer timeline by using the approach given in the following forum post:

Everything works as expected - the slide does pause playing but any videos on the slide which have been inserted using the "Insert From Website" option (e.g. YouTube videos) keep on playing. I tried using the "Pause Media" action on such videos but to no effect. Any videos which have been inserted using "Video from File" option do pause with the base time line.

So am I to assume that this is how it is supposed to be i.e. you cannot pause or rewind a YouTube video or am I missing something?

Thanks again for your help.

Rahul Paul

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rahul,

You can control the video through the playbar, if you have it enabled, but I do not believe you can control it from the slide level. So, in other words, if a user wants to pause the video, they will need to actively click on pause. This is because the YouTube video isn't effected by the timeline - it's being pulled from a website. 

An alternative might be making a screen recording (if you have permission to do so) of the YouTube video. Then you could have that video and control it with the timeline.

I hope you have a great weekend, Rahul!


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