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Adrian Dean
Adrian Dean

Edit: Some more.

This one should help you.


This one too.


One more.


This one is if you want to get more in depth. Adding custom buttons, etc. Examples in this one via links.


Hi Alan,

One last one. Just found this one too. It has answers there as well. Very useful.



cali wilkinson

Hi Adrian,

Can you please help me where to edit the Correct Response in the Result slide.

Here is a sample image below.  I wanted to change the font size  or maybe delete the "Correct Response" encircled in yellow.   I could not find the place where to edit this.

Hope you can reply soon..



Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Cali!

I'm afraid the image you uploaded isn't displaying in the thread for me. Are you referring to the "Correct" feedback prompt?

If so, you can modify the fonts, colors and button labels for this prompt.

For more information, check out the following tutorial:

Using Feedback Masters

In your question slides, you should see layers for "Correct", "Incorrect" and "Try Again" if you're allowing multiple attempts. If you select those layers you can modify how the prompts display. However, it may be best to use the Feedback Master as discussed in the tutorial above, so all of your designs carry through to all of your questions. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and welcome again!