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Feb 19, 2020

Hello everybody

In SL 360, when "Menu" is checked in the player settings, by default the menu icon is displayed and the menu itself is shown as well. Is there a way that by default the icon is there without the menu itself being shown? I want it to expand only when the user clicks on the menu icon.

Thanks, Robert

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Robert,

Great question! 

Here is how you can collapse the menu when the course starts: 

  1. In Storyline, navigate to the Home tab and click on Player

  2. When the Player Properties menu appears, you will want to click on the checkbox next to Sidebar Starts Collapsed

After clicking on that checkbox, you are all set! When you preview the course, the menu will now be collapsed until it is clicked. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Matthieu Roche

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the screenshots.

I would like to display a customised menu, so I went to the "Classic" style player.

I have an issue with this one, as the "Sidebar starts collapsed" does not appear for "Classic" players. Is there a way to customise "Modern" players ?

I also feel like the Classic style player shrinks my slides.

Is it possible to display my customised "classic" player only when the user clicks on an icon, just like the modern one ? Thanks ! 

Katie Riggio

Hi Matthieu!

It sounds like you're using the Classic player and need to have the menu collapsed when launched. Is that right?

To achieve this, you can place the Menu under Topbar Left (or Right) by using the up arrow below Player Tabs. Here is a quick video of those steps!

Also, could you walk me through what customization options you'd like to see with the Modern player? I'd love to learn more!

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