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I've created a SL360 project of screen recordings for a software training video. I consistently used a recorded window sized of 1172 x 757. When viewing my published content from our LMS test site, on my laptop, the project opens larger than the browser window. Specifically taller, so even when the browser is expanded to full size, it requires scrolling down to access the seek bar and nav buttons. It displays just fine on a wide screen monitor but I want it sized to fit a laptop too.  I'm confused because I used SL2 for my previous project (same software and similar content) and recorded in 1024 x 771. This project published displayed just fine from our LMS, on my same laptop, and didn't require scrolling down. What am I overlooking? 

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Katie Porfidio


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am using the Classic Player and I published using "Lock Player at Optimal Size" because it was instructed to do so by our LMS tech specs. I don't know the reason they have that as a tech spec. Regardless I have republished based on your instruction with the player changed to 'scale player to fill browser' and I'm testing on our LMS as soon as they upload it.

I'm an Articulate newbie and have a lot to learn! One topic I don't understand, even after reading some discussions/articles, is the difference between the story size and the screencast recording size. What are the measurement classifications of each? I see the measurements but don't know what type of measurement they represent. MM? Pixels? How does the story size and screencast size relate to one another?

So for example, looking back at my previous project in SL2 - when I click Design > Story Size Setup the following measurement is displayed in the screenshot below (this is the project size without making a change, correct?). So this project had a story size of 720 x 540 and I recorded screencasts with a size of 1024 x 771. What do the two types of measurements represent? When I look at my current project in SL360 my story size is set to 1024 x 771 and my screencasts are at 1172 x 757. I just realized the difference between the two projects. I suspect that is the reason why they are displaying differently when both players were set to 'lock player'.....

Thank you!


Noel Read

Hi Katie, lock to optimal size is great when you set up your project for a widescreen monitor, but if users view on a laptop it often creates issues and if your project size is bigger than your monitor size you will end up scrolling on that as well.

I think of the story size as the compression size - so you are building it to be viewed at a certain size, and the objects you have in your story will look the sharpest at that size. 720 x 540 is quite small so if you were to set this up to view at optimal size, it would probably work fine on a laptop screen but seem a bit small on a monitor (if you set to lock at optimal size. If you set it to fill browser window it would probably pixellate  on a monitor because it has to stretch the optimal, smaller size, to fit the bigger screen).

If you put a screen cast that has bigger dimensions than your story size into your story it will compress the screen cast to fit into the size of the story you have created - if your screen cast is bigger than your story it will look fine, but if your screen cast is smaller than your story, you may have to stretch it to fit to the slide and it might look blurry when viewed on a monitor.

I hope that helps a bit - I am sure others can explain it much better than I can!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie,

I'd suggest recording the screen at the same size as your story size. That way there won't be any scaling associated with the screen images. 

Also, take a look at these helpful articles on screen recordings: 

Hope that helps, and also I noticed that your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if you would like by clicking Edit beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Matthew Bibby
Katie Porfidio

When viewing my published content from our LMS test site, on my laptop, the project opens larger than the browser window.

When using the Classic Player with the "Lock player at optimal size" option enabled, the player will not shrink to fit in the browser window on a desktop computer (but it does on mobile). 

But changing "Lock player at optimal size" to "Scale player to fill browser window" will mean that while the player will shrink to fit in the browser window on desktop, it'll also will enlarge to fill the browser windows on large monitors, which results in pixelation because the images aren't meant to be shown at that size...