playhead lags when syncing audio in slide layers

May 06, 2013

The playhead is not correctly synced to the timeline when trying to set cue points and sync audio in layers. After I click the play button, the playhead takes 1-2 seconds to begin moving and then jumps too far ahead (the audio is still playing even after the playhead has reached the end and stopped). This makes it impossible to set cue points to align objects to the audio file and I have to align the objects manually.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a workaround? I tried deleting and reinserting the audio file. I also tried rebooting my computer.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, J., welcome to the forum. Could it be the timeline in one or more of your layers is interfering with the timeline of your main slide? If you select a layer and then select the gear icon, there's a setting to pause the timeline in main slide.

Another thing that has worked for me is to click at the very beginning of the slide when you want to review.

J. Peters

I checked and I have the "pause timeline of base layer" selected and ensured the playhead was at 0:00.

To give you more background, this is a multiple choice assessment question. I added an "intro" layer and a "scenario" layer.  I added a trigger to the base layer to play "intro" when the timeline begins. And then added a trigger to the 'intro" layer to play the "scenario" layer when the "intro" timeline ends. Finally, I added a trigger to the "scenario" layer to hide that layer (and therefore display the question) once the timeline of "scenario" ends.

However, on another slide in another file the timeline is doing the same thing (only within the layers). On this slide, when the learner hovers over a shape it displays a layer (there are 8 layers total). That one is pretty straightforward, and I'm still experiencing the problem.

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