Playlist in Storyline?

I'd like to have a background music track go from slide to slide in Storyline similar to the playlist functionality in presenter.

I tried dropping my track on the master slide but it just restarts the track every time I go to the next page.

Chopping up the audio and spreading it across the different pages is more trouble than it's worth.

Anybody know an elegant solution to this problem?...other than having 1 slide with a billion layers?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Dan Myers

Hi Christine,

Thanks, I've tried those solutions and was hoping someone had figured out something since then.

My next solution was to edit the story.html file after output to play the audio but that's my solution of last resort...

Hopefully someone has figured out something, possibly using a javascript trigger?

john faulkes

I recently was asked to create a showcase kiosk presentation with animations, video clips and graphics that ran for about 1.5 minutes. Had the same problem of a single background music track that ran through the whole thing. I ended up putting everything on just oneĀ  slide. I had a firestorm of stuff on the timeline. To get it right I needed to play the timeline regularly (where you see just the stuff that's at the playhead), and when I was constructing it, constantly click hide and unhide various things.

I'm used to Flash where you just see on the stage what's at the playhead position. I wonder if this is a good idea for a feature request for an option. Haven't really thought it through yet!