Please add this feature - now I'm begging...

I have to produce French versions of all my English courses and when I export the word translation file it doesn't export the text-to-speech text with the translation file.

This means that every slide has to have the TTS text manually copied into a file for the translator. It takes an enormous amount of production time. Can I ask your developers consider this as an optional check box when you create the word output? 

Best, Steve

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

I understand the task at hand, and can see where this would be a beneficial addition! This is a feature request that we have an active report on, which means that we are continuing to track customer feedback.

With feature requests, we are extremely precise when making an addition to any of the programs. In short, this means our process is in-depth, and changes won't be implemented without extensive testing. 

If this feature progresses in any way, I'll report back to this discussion!