Pop-up window: How to stop player when the user navigates away?

Jul 20, 2022

When publishing in Storyline 360, there is a setting for the module to open in a new window. The user will need to allow pop-up windows in their browser, which is fine but the player does not stop if the user navigates away. Is there a setting/way to stop the player when the user navigates to another tab/window?

Long story: We are working on a training course that will go out to 25K audience with very varied technical experiences. Our LMS is Canvas and the training course will be a single course in Canvas with five Storyline modules that must be completed in sequential order. Last year, we used existing modules that we did not have a control over. The modules were added as assignments and were set to open within the assignment page. We received so many tickets because of confusion about next button in Canvas vs Storyline module. If you know Canvas, the Canvas native next button is located bottom right of the page just like in Storyline modules.

So, we are trying to avoid this issue this year. We will include the instructions to make navigation as clear as possible but we are also testing different options (pop-up window and set in Canvas to open it in a new tab) for the least confusing user experience.

Any recommendations? Ideas?


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