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Nov 30, 2015

I’ve been working with pop-up windows (loading external html files) and discovered something odd with Internet Explorer 11. (Something odd with IE 11? How could that be?!)

If you want a custom pop-up window with just the frame and no controls, your first step is usually engaging the Jump to File/URL trigger, then filling out the definitions of the window, including no browser controls and a custom window size.

I’ve found, however, that if your new pop-up window height is larger than your default monitor’s height, IE 11 will open up to the height of your default monitor’s height (like it should), but it will not engage scroll bars. It will also not allow you to resize, since you’ve chosen no browser controls. [Chrome and Firefox does puts up scroll bars and allows for resizing.] This makes viewing the lower content of your custom-sized pop-up window difficult and non-intuitive. I would imagine that the same behavior would happen in the width dimension too, although I haven’t confirmed this.

To get around this issue for too-tall pop-ups in IE, you can execute Javascript to open up a pop-up:

var myWindow = window.open("yourPopUp.html", "", "width=800, height=1100,toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes");

Just plug in your URL, and your width and height, and this takes care of the issue.

It’s worth noting that this seems to be a limitation of the Jump to File/URL trigger. The No browser controls settings doesn’t allow for disallowing the toolbar, and allowing the scrollbars and resizing, like our Javascript snippet above does.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hassy,

Quizmaker doesn't have the same set up to allow Javascript triggers as Storyline does. If you're inserting a Quiz into a Presenter project you can follow the steps here.  

As for the HTML5 output in IE, what version of Presenter are you using? IE wasn't a supported browser for HTML5 output until the most recent version of Studio 360 (a part of the Articulate 360 suite of tools). If you are using Studio 360, could you share a screenshot of what you're seeing with the missing scroll bars? That'll help me offer some other troubleshooting tips! 

Sajna Thomas

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for responding. In my desperation to get the issue resolved, I wrote this issue in 2 places, Leslie too has responded...

Basically, I have a presenter 360 quiz that has a hyperlink in it. On click, the link opens in a new window (as I want). When in click on the window to zoom my image, the image zooms but I can't scroll in my new window.

I am attaching a video grab of the issue.

Purvee Dave

Thanks Mark for this solution. I am trying to achieve the same e.g. create a custom pop-up window for .pdf file by using a trigger -" the Jump to File/URL" then I have selected - no browser controls and a custom window size.

When I've published, there is no issue with a Firefox because it resize function is enable! BUT with IE11, having an issue because resize function is disabled.

I have tried to use your java-script but I have no luck! I have a feeling that i might be doing something wrong. Please need your assistance. Thanks in advance.

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