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Amy L.

In separate windows? I am finally coming along to a similar solution where the user will click hyperlinked objects to launch a string of samples in a separate window. It's a good short-term solution, but ideally, in the long run, I would be grouping samples by categories other than template size.

But the linking will do for now. 




Ashley Terwilliger

HI Amy,

You can't have different scenes of different slide sizes - so the suggestion Linda shared that it seems you're using is a good suggestion. 

As far as creating a portfolio of sorts, you may want to look at where you'll host your published content (there are a few items mentioned here) and this is a nice article on E-Learning portfolios.  

Amy L.

Thanks Ashley! I ended up using Temp Share because I couldn't get Google Drive (ending this feature in August, but this is June...) or Drop Box to work. I like the Amazon idea as well as Drop if I can get a public folder. I've just never been able to launch a course from Drop Box.

TempShare, however rules! For the short term, anyway.

And thanks for the article. I had read a piece by Tom K on portolios, but this I hadn't seen. Will definitely read and adjust!