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Is there a way to make Storyline courses appear at the top of a page in an LMS.  When we use other authoring tools, they appear top left in any display box.  Storyline sits the file in the MIDDLE of the page, resulting in the user having to scroll down and seeing white space at the top and bottom.

We've tried this in Dokeos, Moodle and Chamilo with the same results.  There appears to be no way to change this within the LMS so can we somehow change the Storyline output file to ensure that it appears at the top?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure what you mean about appearing at the top of the page, but are you looking for it to appear full screen? I've seen some threads like this one here and here that may be able to help you do what you're looking for. You may also want to change how the player and browser sizing is as described in this tutorial. 

Paul Wolstencroft

Hi Ashley,

Probably needed to explain this a little more clearly.  We use several LMS systems and a few other authoring tools (mainly for old updates I have to say as now converted to Storyline).  Familiar with all the options but can't solve this one.  If we publish in Flash, Lectora, Snap, Opus etc and upload to Chamilo, Dokeos, eFront, Moodle etc we can get a module to appear in the top left of a screen as modules are a mix and come from different sources.  This is useful if we have a series of modules with a typical left hand menu, especially with the number of different screen sizes.  When the user re-sizes (or views on a different monitor the course ALWAYS remains top left.

Storyline is the odd one out in this respect. No matter which publishing options are selected, Storyline output sits in the centre of the page, with white space top and bottom.  We can modify LMS systems if they are ours but not of course if the module is running on a client LMS,  What we need to be able to do is to supply modules that will sit top left (or at least a the top)  we thought about trying to edit the HTML files but we have 70 plus modules for one client and really looking to see if we can achieve this at the publishing stage.

On a typical widescreen the 16:9 module would appear at the top,  We work with a lot of colleges here in UK who still have hundreds of 4:3 screens so the output appears as below resulting in users having to scroll down.  Hope that explains it better.  Any suggestions welcome.  Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Paul for the additional explanation and the image. I don't know of a way to ensure it would appear at the top using the default Storyline features - but since you were talking about editing the published output as well, that's something the community may be able to offer a creative solution around. You can also share your thoughts with our development team if there is a specific feature you'd like to be able to use. 

Paul Wolstencroft

Did anyone ever find a solution for this issue?  Soryline output appears in the MIDDLE of the page in Chamilo, Dokeos, Docebo, Moodle and eFront.  Other authoring tools all appear at the top.  I thought it might just be a question of altering the story.html file but no luck with that.

I would apprciate any suggestions as I can't get into the back end of my customer's LMS systems,

ashish sharma


I am also facing this problem and when I publish a Storyline course on moodle, it is placed in the center. This eventually brings in the vertical scroll bar that looks distracting and affects the overall course presentation. 


I think we need to work out a solution for this in either SL or moodle. Moodle has options to resize the window but whatever options we select, the Storyline content is always placed in center. 

Attached is a screenshot of the the storyline browser settings that I am using. I am not sure if changing these settings will help. 

Need urgent help in resolving this issue.