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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

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I just googled this and came up with 2 sites that do the conversions. Can't speak to their accuracy, since I've not used them before, but they DID come up with the same answer


converts pixels to inches, inches to pixels, and a couple other things


looks like it does the same thing

Maybe someone else will comment as well on what they use

Josh Uhlig

All I can think of is ensuring the course is created at the same resolution the users are viewing it in.  Otherwise, the actual size of objects will change on a user by user basis (according to each computer resolution).


I wonder what the purpose of the exact dimensions is.  Can you not simplify things by adding detail that indicates the length/width of an object?  Or perhaps simulate any measuring of an object?  An image of a ruler could be made draggable rather than having a user hold an actual ruler up to their computer screen.