Possible to trigger a snap back of drag items?


I'm trying to build a reset button in a drag and drop slide. When clicked, certain, or all drag items should snap back to their starting positions.

Is there a way to do this? I actually prefer a solution that involves not having to convert my slide to a freeform drag and drop interaction. 



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Job Vlaming

Thanks Ashley and Phil for your quick responses!

I thought of another way just as I finished a nice dinner today. Good food for thought, I guess.

  • I moved all of the drag and drop objects to a new layer 'drag and drop'.
  • I set the layer to reset to initial state when revisited
  • I placed a reset button on the base layer.

Now when you click Reset, two triggers are fired:

  1. hide layer 'drag and drop'
  2. show layer 'drag and drop'.

I then made the items draggable using the 'when the user drops a shape on'- triggers.

Now, the user can reset the game by clicking reset. Yippee!

Now for dessert ...