Post-quiz review layer missing from question slides

May 28, 2021

I have a new course with a quiz that I'm working on, and the quiz has a Review button on the results page for reviewing incorrectly answered questions. In all of the other courses/quizzes I've ever done, there's a review layer on each question slide, where I can add a trigger to hide the on-slide Submit button, add additional feedback, etc., as necessary. However, in this course, the review layer is completely missing.


I tried rebuilding the trigger for the Review button on the results page, but that didn't force a review layer to display on the question slides.

In the end, I just copy/pasted a review layer from one of those other quizzes into this one.

However, I'd like to know.... If someday I no longer have access to another course/quiz where I can copy the review layer, how do you add a review layer to question slides? Do you just create a layer called "Review" on the question slide, and Storyline knows that it's the layer to display when the user clicks the Review button? Or is there some other feature I'm not seeing that adds a special review layer to the question slides?

TIA for your help!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Lisa,

Adding a Review button simply lets the user step through the questions with the default CORRECT and INCORRECT banners across the bottom.

To include a customizable Review layer, just add some text in the Post-quiz review field, which is accessible in Form View.  

In Form View, just add any text, and Storyline will automatically create a Review layer. Then you can edit that layer in Slide View.