Post-Quiz Review text not editable (sometimes)

Feb 12, 2014


I have a question bank of 75 multiple choice questions.

For the first 50 questions, when I click the "Edit Multiple Choice" button, the Post Quiz Review field at the bottom is editable - I can type text into this field as I'm typing text into the feedback field for each option.

Strangely, for each of the remaining 25 questions, the Post Quiz Review field is not editable, and contains the message "(Custom slide layer)". I found an alternative way to set up the post quiz feedback (by exiting the Edit Multiple Choice view, selecting the Review layer and typing the text into the feedback area).

However, I can't see why the behavior of the last 25 questions should be different to that of the first 50 questions; they're set up identically, and I can't see a way to change the way they behave.

Bizarrely,  when I copied question 50 to create a new question 51, the new question 51 doesn't allow me to type into the Post Quiz review field, whereas the question I cloned it from does.

Does anyone know how I can get my last 25 questions to allow me to type into the Post Quiz Review field while in "Edit Multiple Choice" mode?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geoff,

It sounds like odd behavior, and I'd be curious to see if when looking at the course if you're able to check and see if there was another set of Feedback masters that could have been contributed to the "custom" slide layer element?

Also, can you confirm that you're working with all local project files? Working on a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior. I'd also be curious if you imported these slides (or even just the 25 troublesome slides) into a new project would it resolve the behavior. 

Let us know how it goes after checking out the above, and if you're still having difficulty can you share your Storyline file with us? 

Monique Donahue

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has found a solution for this issue. I too get the (Custom slide layer) message in the Post-Quiz Review field when trying to edit feedback for a question. Like Geoff, on those slides I can't edit in the field, only by editing directly on the Review slide layer.

I only ever have this problem when I copy a slide. The source question is fine, but the duplicate shows this message. I find it highly frustrating, especially for complex freeform questions that I don't want to have to rebuild from scratch.

Monique Donahue

Hi Ashley,

I have attached a sample. You will see that I have the same slide in the question bank 3 times. Q1 is the original. Q2 is a copy where the Post-Quiz Review field is editable. Q3 is a copy where the Post-Quiz Review field has the (Custom slide layer) and is NOT editable.

Both Q2 and Q3 were copied from Q1. The only difference between the two is that I made the Q2 copy when Post-Quiz Review field was blank, and I made the Q3 copy when the Post-Quiz Review field was populated with some sample text. The problem only appears to occur when the Post-Quiz Review field is populated and a Review layer already exists in the slide being copied. The only way for me to edit the review text on such copied slides is by directly editing the Review layer. This is a workaround, but not a very efficient one. It costs me extra steps to do that.

None of the other feedback layers have this issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monique,

Thanks for sharing the file as that helped me see and confirm what you were describing. Since the review layer is not automatically generated for the purposes of editing unless you place content within that section in the Edit mode of the quiz questions, when you duplicate a question that had custom review text placed it in, it's now referring back to that questions layer - so you'll need to update it on the duplicate questions created layer. Unfortunately you'll either need to duplicate the questions prior to adding that information to the review layer or edit the individual review layers and not the text within the edit question box. 

Monique Donahue

This issue is cropping up on me a lot in a current course I am developing, and I wanted to come back and report on the workaround I have found that works best for me. On the slides where I am getting (Custom slide layer) for the Post Quiz Review when I copy a slide, rather than editing the review text in the Review layer, I simply delete the Review layer. This gets rid of the (Custom slide layer) message and allows me to type again in the Post Quiz Review, generating a new Review layer.

This is still not ideal, but at least it allows me to more efficiently edit the review text in the same place as all my other feedback text.

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