Powerpoint 2007 or 2010?

Oct 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

In my organization we use Powerpoint 2003 and I have been thinking of requesting an upgrade to 2007 or 2010 since I have seen in the forums that there are more functionalities which can be developed imported into Storyline.

Is any one able to give me an overview of what more I could develop within Powerpoint for my Storyline projects? Which would be the best upgrade - 2007 or 2010?


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Edward Springer


We recently upgraded to 2007 from 2003 and I have not seen any really major differences, other than the interface (ribbons instead of menu bar), of course I was not deep into being a "Power User". I'm sure there are others out there with more experience then myslef. I would like to add to this thread by asking those with experience using 2010 what advantages it has over 2007. I'd like to have ammunition to go to my admin folks and make a case to upgrade. While that would place me outside the corporate desktop structure, if it enhances my aqbility to create better elearning I am willing to make the fight. 


Jim Heiliger

One of the nicest features in PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to change an image file without deleting the orignal image and re-importing a new one (right click on the image and that should be an option). If you have animations applied to an image it is a huge time saver. Also, it was a slight learning curve getting acclimated to the ribbon as opposed to the standard menu, but now when open I my 2003 PPT software the menu seems cumbersome to me.

From an Articulate standpoint, I have experienced the RARE occasion where a 2003 PPT file would not work well with Articuate; sometimes the PPT would become corrupted, thank goodness for backing up/archving. Saving as a 2010 PPTX resolved that issue every time.

If you do upgrade, keep your 2003 version of PPT intact. One client's PPT files have the text formatting askew if I open in 2010. These may have originally been created in an even older version of PPT.

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