PowerPoint SmartArt on import

Hi, I am still learning to manage the software and have imported a PowerPoint file that I created for a training course.  However all the SmartArt images are now "grouped pictures" and the elements within the graphic cannot be animated as individual components.  I would also like to be able to add states to some of the areas of the graphic.  Is there a way that the SmartArt graphic can be reverted back to SmartArt in storyline or not?

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Ron Price

You would want to convert your smart art to individual objects in PPT first.  For example, in PPT, click in your smart art - choose Control-A to select all of the objects in the Smart Art.  Then I usually hide the Smart Art in the Selection Pane.

Control - V to paste the objects back on the slide.  It looks the same, but now they are inidividual grouped objects that you can import and then animate, edit, separately.

Hope that helps.