PPT in Parellels


Please forgive my ignorance as I start asking questions. I am a total newbie with Storyline. Here is my problem and I thank everyone in advance for your help!

1) I am using Parallels Access for the Mac an everything is working fine.

2) I have Microsoft Office 2011 installed on Mac

3) Microsoft told me I do not need to purchase and install another version of office for my Windows Operating System.

4) I am watching Lynda.com videos and I have access to the exercise files.

5) I am in Storyline and have navigated to the Exercise files that contain the PPT I need to open. I get an error message saying that I cannot import it.

Any ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

I don't know a lot about Parallels (as I'm on a PC) but you'll need to work exclusively in the Parallels environment and if Powerpoint is not installed on the Windows side I'm guessing that when going to look to import a Powerpoint, Storyline is unable to find the necessary elements. You may also want to look through the troubleshooting steps here in regards to receiving a error: failed to import message.