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Mike Enders


You sure can.  The starting positions are determined by how you have them set in the player menu.   Go to Player>Menu

From there, the little black arrows can collapse or open a section (see image).   You'll see them updated in your preview to the right.

However you have these set here will be carried over when you publish.


Matt Walsh


I'm having the opposite issue now in Storyline 2 on iPad/HTML5.

I want all of the menu items to be fully expanded when the user starts. They are all expanded in the player/menu settings. This works fine using the Flash output. However, in HTML5, now all menu items are collapsed when you start. This was not an issue in Storyline 1, so this would not be a "feature".

Is there a way to have the menu fully expanded in HTML5 like it did in SL1, and like it's doing in the Flash output for SL2?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing that behavior. I'm seeing the same thing and have found a recent report to our QA team of this behavior. I don't have any updates to share at this time, but will include this thread in the report filed with them so that we can share any additional information with you here once it's available. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

It sounds like you're referring to the set up while in the player editing it vs. this thread where it was expanding in the published output? If so, I suspect that it's resetting it back to default so that you can see all the menu options, but there isn't an easier way of setting them to be collapsed as it's an individual setting by using the arrow keys. You may also want to review the other menu functionality you could edit/update as detailed here. 

Kevin White

Wait Hold On Leslie! I stand corrected. Here's the trick. De-select this option below and the Collapsing sticks! It occurred to me after thinking how Auto-Collapse must function, i.e. dictates expansion on opening... :-) Just deselect this in the Player>Menu>Settings options in the first image.

However the one caveat is, that the course entry remains expanded. So if you want to totally collapse the menu,  you would nest the first subordinate section right under the Course Entry as the programming stands now.
See second image.

Wesley Adams

Humm I'm still getting this "not auto-collapsing" issue while working with this discussion's work-arounds here. Tried Mark's moving Menu around just to see if it would fix (move from right side for me to top) and still no luck.

I'm doing updates to a course so moving the menu around is not really an option to keep consistency. I was able to auto-collapse before as I have a published version showcasing it. Not sure why it doesn't work anymore?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wesley,

Sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with this.

If you want the items in the menu to collapse, be sure they are set to collapse in the Player Menu settings as Mike shared above.

Would you be able to share your .story file so that I can understand your set-up and what you're wanting to see?