Presentation does not fill entire screen on PC

I would like my presentation to use the entire width of the player when published. When I set up the player, the image shows that the presentation will fill the screen. 

Screen shown on player

However, when I preview and publish the course, the presentation does not fill the entire screen.
Published presentation screen

I have my story size set to 16:9
Story size

Am I missing a setting that will fix this?

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Lynn. Thanks for those screenshots–super helpful to see!

The modern player will adapt to the size of the browser window, and the slide will fill the player as much as it can, without stretching or scaling larger than the set story size. Like in your picture, the slide content will not stretch horizontally to fill the screen.

With your goal in mind, could adding custom navigation buttons to your slide and setting the Menus & Controls option to Off work for your design? 

Let me know if that helps!