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Aug 02, 2017


Have attached a small story to this discussion. 

In this project i have removed the custom player and created my own navigation currently without any jazz for this discussion.

My query is :

1. Where do i place the Back and Next buttons on slide 1.2 and slide 1.3?

2. when i preview 1.2 i cant get back to the base layer after i click each of the tabs. Do I need to add an extra button on the tab layers to come back to the base layer?

3. How do I treat slide 1.3 with the navigation? should it be like the slide 1.2? 






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Wendy Farmer

Hi Gini

see attached - I've updated slide 1.2 to have a trigger on each layer to hide layer when timeline ends (set for testing to 2 secs)...In this case when they have clicked all three tabs and the timeline of those tabs has ended they will come back to the base layer. If you wanted them to be able to close anytime you could add a Close or X button on the layer they click to close.

Not sure what you mean about where to place the Prev/Next buttons - looks like you have them consistently placed in the bottom left 

Ragini Kadam

Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for this one.

How should the triggers be incase i want the learners to view all tabs before they can go ahead in the course,  but also they should be able to go to the base layer anytime they want.

Do you think it would be wise to add a close button on each layer and trigger it to take the learner to the base layer on click?

Slide 1.3 needs your attention too.  Should the navigation buttons appear on all layers or just the base layer..

Also I saw in a couple of downloads that developers are using slides instead of layers to create interactions.. is this helpful in some way and why?

Apologies for asking so many questions at once..




Wendy Farmer

Hi Gini

if you want the learners to not proceed until all tabs are clicked you can set the initial state of your Next button (on the states tab) to disabled.  Then set another trigger to change it to normal when the state of the tabs are visited. Since they can do the tabs in any order, you would need to have the trigger on each layer.

See attached update to your file just for slide 1.2 at this stage and let me know if that is the behaviour you are after.

It's personal preference when you use slides and and here are some previous posts discussing slides and layers and you can always check out Articulate on youtube for some demonstrations like this one

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