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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Tim,

Not sure...but for starters, what does the button look like in the software? So, what does it look like when it's held for a second or two vs. when it's released immediately?

Would it help the Learners if you initially defined the terms?

Press and hold means: press down on the mouse button and count to X

Click and release means: tap and immediately release the mouse button

And then showed what press and hold looks like

And then showed what click and release looks like

And then..had a "Try it"

Rick Nusz

I know this is an old post but maybe it will still be of help to someone.

I recently had a similar situation come up. We have a button that you have to press and hold with the mouse to display info. When the mouse is released it reverts back to the original info which is different.

I finally tried to use a Text Entry box, which is about the only thing that actually uses the trigger 'when control loses focus' that I've been able to find. I put it over my button and set the fill to none and the line to the color of its surroundings.  Then I used 2 triggers. One to change the state of my click and hold info and another to hide it. I was surprised when it worked as expected! It wasn't perfect and I could only get it to work correctly in preview when I clicked on just the edges of the Text Entry box. If I clicked in the box a cursor showed up. I bet if I duplicated the button and layered & sized it all properly I could hide that.

I'll try to upload an example when I get a chance.

eLearning Development

Thanks Rick.  I will try this as I still may need it.

Becky I am so sorry that I didnt respond to your posting before.  I wasnt getting emails from the thread and I must have forgotten I asked the question.  I appreciate anytime anyone provides guidance to me so thank you even if it is delayed by two years.