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Jan 08, 2013

I am unable to PREVIEW scenes in Storyline.  Storyline processes the preview command until the last slide, then just sits with the progress bar almost finished.  Please help. . .

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with this. Do you have this problem with a specific course, or any course you try to preview? If you haven't already, can you try creating a new course to see if the same thing happens in a new file?

Additionally, please try to make sure the content you're working with is local. If you try to load, edit or preview content that is located on a network drive, USB drive, or any other external sources, you may run into some strange issues.



Stephanie  McClellan

Hi Christine -

Really strange. . . I tried several other courses and PREVIEW did not work for them either.  I tried a new course and it worked.  I then re-opened the course I was originally having trouble with - it worked this time. 

Preview has been "stuck" for me for 2 days.  Hopfeully whatever's wrong has been mysteriously fixed?


Nicky A.

Leslie!! You jinxed me!! I was good to go - until I closed the project and re-opened :(

Some info about my project: was originally done in presenter a while ago then imported into storyline for updates. This seemed to work great at first. After getting in and doing some minor editing with color schemes, etc. I am having the preview issue.

Here's what doesn't work:

New storyline project > import > current/corrupted storyline project

New storyline project > copy and paste scenes from current/corrupt into new

New storyline project > copy and paste individual slides from current/corrupt into new

Current/Corrupt > Save as (rename and new location - I was getting desperate)

Current/Corrupt > Insert New slides > Still no preview :(

So far the most promising looks like to copy and paste slide contents and triggers for 245 slides. eeek! Before I do that, does anyone else think they have an idea that could help?

Paul Wolstencroft

I'm just starting to get the same issues.  Cannot preview or publish and now cannot access the player template.  This is happening on a whole range of courses (70 in all) that I need to update urgently so going mad.    I also now get a low memory error (I have 16 GB RAM working fine for everything else.)

Like Nicky A I was good to go until I closed and reopened projects.

I tried the various suggestions from forums but nothing worked so I tried a repair install but still nothing works correctly.  Then I realised that my PC had just had one of those nice little Windows updates and I'm wondering if this could be the culprit?

Suggestions welcome as I go though system restore and another reinstall.

Paul Wolstencroft

Thanks Nancy,

Have already tried on colleague's machines with Storyline and the error is the same.  I'm now convinced it was something to do with the Windows update.  Here's what I did so far:

  1. Did a system restore with no effect.
  2. Deleted and reinstalled Flash player - no effect.
  3. Did a repair installation of Storyline - no effect.
  4. Bit the bullet and did a full re-install (using the registry clear file supplied).  BINGO - I could preview and publish files again.

What I forgot was that my PC will auto update windows so the next time I switched on it configured updates.  Now I'm back to square one.  All my files will OPEN OK but if I try to preview them I get a low memory error (new Dell with 16GB RAM!).  If I try to publish the whole thing gets stuck on the last slide.  (Have tried the obvious, replacing graphics, slides etc., with no joy).

The error is the same on a colleague's PC but the files work if we do a system restore.  Anyone else had this problem since the last Windows (8) update?

Nicky A.

I submitted for a case on this on Friday - I think we have actually narrowed this down to the customized player I created for the course.

Worked just fine on the default player the project was built with.. worked in it all day - as soon as I converted to the customized player for a spiced up look - I started getting the error (on individual/scene/project previews). Then when I click player to change back to the default player - that's when I get the 'available memory is low' message.

Publishing produces no files, only empty folders. 

Has anyone else experiencing this problem used a custom created player or are you using a default one?

Nicky A.

Hey guys,

Thanks to Cleo at tech support - we figured this out. 

The problem in fact was with the player. I built the player in it's own project - saved it - then imported it into the projects I needed and that wasn't working (I guess a storyline glitch? I have plenty of RAM)...

In any event I went back to the base project (make sure you are working local) then started making my modifications and most importantly - edited the player within the project rather than loading a saved player. It took an extra 30 minutes or so to redo but much better than rebuilding 245 slides from scratch!!

I closed, re-opened, closed, re-opened, restarted, previewed slides, scenes, projects, saved as new location, etc. and everything works like it should. (Publishing also works now)

I hope this helps!!! Thanks for all the input heroes and mortals,

- Nicky

P.S. It's also worth mentioning that this file I am speaking of is 1.04 GB and have had plenty of success loading players into smaller sized projects before - but maybe this one is just flat out too big.

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